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Architecture What Are Suggestions to the Readers?

Architecture Readers

Students studying architecture should not be limited to the education they see in school. Lessons are done in the school, the topics are finished. But these are not enough to be a good architect. Architectural books should be read and architectural publications should be followed. The works of historical and contemporary architects should be studied.

Building and decoration fairs are held in many times of the year. These fairs are an unforgettable opportunity for architecture students. Apart from these fairs, it is necessary to see the article as an opportunity for internship, not just as a holiday.

Internships to be made for interior design, architectural work should be done not only for the necessity of filling documents but for education and learning purposes. The site architecture is also one of the areas that the architectural profession is obliged to learn.

The construction site should be visited and the works there should be followed as if it were an architect assistant at the site. Very useful information can be obtained from these jobs.

What Education and Training Needs from the School?
The students studying in the Architecture Department can visit the Provincial Reconstruction Directorates to get information and to catch up with possible job and internship opportunities. You can get the opportunity to communicate with quality architects and business people by using the references of the HOCs in your school. You can request to set up conferences for successful architects and interior architects.

You can request an architectural travel and organization to be organized by your school. In this type of travel and organization, historical structures in the city, country or even abroad can be examined under the guidance of a guide.

Each school has a year-end jurisdiction in the architecture department. You can ask successful architects from the school to be enrolled as a jury.

BREEAM , LEED and unobstructed architecture.

What should be done to become a good architect?
3D max and Autocad programs must be known. Education must be made about architecture, which is called barrier-free architecture, covering the design of cities and structures in line with the needs of individuals with disabilities. Architecture includes designing and building all kinds of living spaces and structures according to their needs in consideration of aesthetics. Therefore, sensitivities must be ensured by considering the needs of disabled people.

Breeam and Leed must be certified.

Apart from these, foreign language should be learned absolutely. Architecture is a profession all over the world. So the more languages ​​are known, the more job opportunities can be achieved in the country.